IDFA Award for Dutch Documentary 2014

Oeke Hoogendijk

The New Rijksmuseum - The Film is een enerverend verslag vanachter de gesloten deuren van de grootse verbouwing en herinrichting van het Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. De internationale jury was diep onder de indruk van de manier waarop de cameravoering en editing de verbouwing in beeld brengen. Uit het Engelstalige juryrapport: 'Of the 15 films we watched, our 5 member jury was in unanimous agreement choosing a story that explores the mystery of genius. A film of epic proportions, over 10 years in gestation, we meet a cross section of workers who inhabit this "cathedral of art" during it’s prolonged period of renovation. During this time, we come to respect and admire the curators who are entrusted with some of the greatest art treasures of human civilization housed in Holland’s prodigious Rijkmuseum. They watch over and protect their art objects with love and dedication while their enthusiasm is continuously thwarted, frustrated and nearly defeated by the absurd excesses of bureaucratic management madness and minutia costing time, money and human patience.... The film exposes all the indulgences of a rich, self absorbed, arrogant European society. The beautifully controlled imagery, sensitive pacing, and soundtrack that makes the statues breathe and come alive brings a spiritual dimension to this magnificent work. A wonderful portrait that lets art conquer the mechanics of adversity.' 

Jury: Rinky Roy Bhattacharya (IN), Claas Danielsen (DE), Frank Moens (BE), Madelyn Most (US), Ulla Simonen (FI)

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