Diorapthe Dansprijs 2013

Keren Levi

The Dry Piece van Keren Levi, een ode aan het (vrouwelijk) lichaam, is volgens de jury een dansvoorstelling met internationale potentie. Uit het Engelstalige juryrapport:  'The work that had the most impact was considered to be remarkably fresh. We saw very skilled dancers, a beautiful staging and an impressive sound scape. It is esthetic, erotic and simply profoundly human. The work which is performed in a small space becomes a point of departure for the audience to immerse themselves in the limitless space of their imagination. With subtle and gentle movements and the use of new media, this reflects the core values of the award.'

Jury: Morag Deyes (UK), Fons Dejong, Zvonimir Dobrovic (HR), Markéta Perroud (CZ)
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